Neo Zeon Gelgoog ver.Ph WIP 2

So it’s been awhile since i update on my Gelgoog.

First i wanted to wish everyone a happy newyear 😀


The updates:

Added some armor plates with welding lines to simulate the fact that the suit isn’t up to date with the suits in UC0096.

AAlso extended the front skirts and added some vents:

Some tubes and a thruster on the leg, it looked a bit plain….

That’s it for today 🙂

CnC are welcome!


Continuing work on SD Powered GM

It’s been a while since my last update…..

Anyways here is what I’ve been doing lately:

Added those extra vent thingies on the chest and made a collar:

Started work on the skirts:



And rear:

The rear one needs the most work ATM

And to get a nice view of how things look like i sticky-tacked everything together:

That’s it for today,

Thx for viewin’ 😀