GN Tieren

I’ve been incredibly lazy lately, so that explains the lack of updates, I’m sorry guys 😦

I got myself to do some work on my GN Tieren, seeing that my build-off partner Hemish is practicly done with his build xD

Here goes:

GN drive:




Parts i added that i found in my spare parts box

And finally a short video of me talking about the mods:


Bad habit?

I seem to have started the habit of starting alot of projects and not finishing any of them, something I notice that alot of other modelers do too. I wonder if everyone does it….

Anyways, my new project will be a diorama featuring a 1/144 Tieren and a 1/144 00 Gundam.
The Tieren will be modified to a GN Tieren and the 00 will just get some new weapons and backpack and some aestethic mods. At the moment I’m thinking about a forest as dio, maybe with a small military base…


The 2 models:

A possible pose: