Some dio progress

So, i wake up and see that the tissues are still soft and wet and figured that it wouldn’t work. Went to find some wallpaper glue. I then dipped some newspapers into the glue and layered it on the dio.


I also made some glue-sand mixture and added it to the dio to make some ground.


Here are the pics:

That’s it,

CnC plz!! 😀


Diorama time

So i finally have some time to do some modeling this weekend, originally, i was planning to work some more on my 00 but i changed my mind and decided to make a dio for my recently finished Gelgoog. I’d planned to do this someday anyway.

SO, i took a tile that i found in the basement, added some trash to get a mountain structure and covered it with paper-mache to try and give it some nice rough texture….

With the Gelgoog:

That’s it,
CnC are welcome!