GN Tieren

I’ve been incredibly lazy lately, so that explains the lack of updates, I’m sorry guys ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

I got myself to do some work on my GN Tieren, seeing that my build-off partner Hemish is practicly done with his build xD

Here goes:

GN drive:




Parts i added that i found in my spare parts box

And finally a short video of me talking about the mods:


Double 0 ver.Ph WIP 3

Finnaly got some time to work on this again.

I scribed some panellines… still getting the hang of scribing…

As you may notice in the pics, I’m trying to mod the foot so that it can bend a bit.

Added some other details too:

Progress ont his will probably slow down abit, because i’ve decided to start working on my gelgoog, i’ll post some WIP later.

That’s it

How to make rivets

Since I’m making a lot of these for my build I decided to write a little tutorial on how to make these little things.

  • Requirements

1: ย Lighter, can also be one of those lighters you light sigarets with, but I couldn’t find another one.

2: ย Aluminium plate, or something else that doesn’t melt when heated

3: Knife

4: Electric drill

5: Piece of sprue

  • What to do?

First take your electrical drill and drill a hole in your aluminium plate (this hole will have the same diameter as your rivet)

Second, take your piece of sprue and heat it with your lighter.

Then, when your sprue starts to melt, push it through the hole you made in your aluminium plate.

The other side should look something like this:

(It isn’t that visible in the pic, but if you look really hard you can see the rivet sticking out of the hole.)

Wait for the plastic to cool down and pull your sprue out.

Next step, take your knife and cut off the little rivet.

Last, collect them in some kind of container.

After a while you’ll get enough to actually do something with those lilttle things.

I hope this has been some usefull information to some people ๐Ÿ™‚