Europe Gunpla Cup Update

Just to let all of you know,
Kamm has posted a little updtae video on YouTube regarding the EU-GC.

Hope to see more people entering in the contest so it can be a yearly thing πŸ™‚

Also, sorry i haven’t been blogging for awhile, school is keeping me busy (as always)


Europe Gunpla Cup

Finally we have a big competition for all the Gunpla modelers here in Europe. For years we have been waiting for Bandai to do an official BAKUC -or whatever it’s called now- and with no succes. One of the members of MAC, – now moderator- Kamm has gone trhough the trouble to set up a competition catered solely to the European Gunpla modelers. He managed to convince HLJ to sponsor the contest with some sweet prizes!

For more information:
visit MAC
Anouncement video

Now spread the word!
And to all other European modelers reading this, may the best win πŸ˜€

All kinds of stuff -not really-

It’s been awhile again since I posted something, so here it goes

I started working on a little dio for my old IJ. The reason is that i wanted to practice some more on my diorama skills and weathering skills.

I also did some more work on my 00,
you can check out the progress at MAC

That was it for today, I hope to get more content up on my YouTube channel soon, so you can look forward to that too. πŸ™‚

Busy, busy, busy…..

So it seems as i’ve forgotten that i even have a blog………
The main reason for this is the fact that school has really been asking alot of my time lately. After studying for tests nad writing reports there’s hardly any time left for gunpla. I did get some progress on my 00 Gundam but was to lazy to blog about it xD

I’ve also been thinking about more videos to put on my YouTube channel, as it is quite bare at the moment.
Anyways, here’s a little update on the 00 for you guys.

As ‘m too lazy to link every individual image, i’ll just link you to my thread at MAC πŸ˜€

Also check out my YouTube channel ,i’ve uploaded some short tips to make your gunpla hobby just a tad cheaper πŸ™‚

So that’s it for today,
see you guys next time!


Starting a new project πŸ˜€

Base model: HGUC RX-79 BD1 Blue Destiny Unit 1

Plan: basicly adding some thrusters and vents and try to scrachtbuild a new backpack + some pla-plating and maybe some reshaping of certain parts….

Goal: a clean modded model

Progress: detailed the shoulder:


Cut of the “goatee” that makes it look too gundam=

Lengthened the thigh:

No school!

So I don’t have school for the next 2 weeks,
that means more time for gunpla πŸ˜€

Started on the dio for my Dom

(sorry for the bad pic, can’t find my camera…)

Some bad news tho: there seems to be something wrong with my compressor…
Air comes out in pulses and I spray blobs of water instead of an even coating 😦
Anyone know what’s wrong?

Almost there

Have been working on and off on this…

(had alot of school work lately <_< )

but managed to paint most of it (rush work, so it isn’t that good…)

just some detail painting and weathering left πŸ™‚

(ow, have to finish the weapons too)

i’ll try to finish this before december, cause exams are starting on december >.<, have to concentrate on studying πŸ™‚

How to make rivets

Since I’m making a lot of these for my build I decided to write a little tutorial on how to make these little things.

  • Requirements

1: Β Lighter, can also be one of those lighters you light sigarets with, but I couldn’t find another one.

2: Β Aluminium plate, or something else that doesn’t melt when heated

3: Knife

4: Electric drill

5: Piece of sprue

  • What to do?

First take your electrical drill and drill a hole in your aluminium plate (this hole will have the same diameter as your rivet)

Second, take your piece of sprue and heat it with your lighter.

Then, when your sprue starts to melt, push it through the hole you made in your aluminium plate.

The other side should look something like this:

(It isn’t that visible in the pic, but if you look really hard you can see the rivet sticking out of the hole.)

Wait for the plastic to cool down and pull your sprue out.

Next step, take your knife and cut off the little rivet.

Last, collect them in some kind of container.

After a while you’ll get enough to actually do something with those lilttle things.

I hope this has been some usefull information to some people πŸ™‚