YouTube channel

I’ve been thinking about starting a YouTube channel for awhile now, but due to school and laziness i never got to it. Now today, I finally made and uploaded my first video.

Check it out here:


Diorama time

So i finally have some time to do some modeling this weekend, originally, i was planning to work some more on my 00 but i changed my mind and decided to make a dio for my recently finished Gelgoog. I’d planned to do this someday anyway.

SO, i took a tile that i found in the basement, added some trash to get a mountain structure and covered it with paper-mache to try and give it some nice rough texture….

With the Gelgoog:

That’s it,
CnC are welcome!

Neo Zeon Gelgoog ver.Ph

It’s done!

I htink this is one of my fastest builds. It took me about 3 weeks to finish this kit and, IMO, it turned out pretty nice. It’s my best kit untill now :D.

Base kit: Gelgoog Jäger


-Added armor plates with welding lines on the shoulders, front skirts and side skirts

-Extended the front skirts and added vents on them

-Added vents on the shoulders

-Added thrusters on the back skirt

-Scribe new panellines on the legs, back skirt and upper arms

-SB a new head because i lost the original one…

-Move those guns on the forearms and used them as thrusters on the legs

-Use electrical wires as tubing on the legs and backpack

-SB the “sleeves” for the Neo Zeon feel

-SB the fully articulated claw

This was airbrushed with Reeves acrylic paint and topcoated with Future+Flat base.

Weathering was done with pastels and drybrushing.

Without further ado, the pics 😀

(just to show that the fingers are fully articulated)

Neo Zeon Gelgoog ver.Ph WIP 3

Time for an update!

I’ve begun painting some of the parts and i’m finalizing some mods….

Scribed some panellines and added some new thrusters to the backskirt:

Made the sleeve for 1 arm (you’ll understand why later 🙂 ……. )

Finished the knee covers:

(the other is also done, just not in the pic)

The head just needs some touch ups and a monoeye

My plan is to finish the mods by sunday and then i’ll take about a week to paint it all.

That’s all for today, CnC are very welcome 🙂

Neo Zeon Gelgoog ver.Ph WIP 2

So it’s been awhile since i update on my Gelgoog.

First i wanted to wish everyone a happy newyear 😀


The updates:

Added some armor plates with welding lines to simulate the fact that the suit isn’t up to date with the suits in UC0096.

AAlso extended the front skirts and added some vents:

Some tubes and a thruster on the leg, it looked a bit plain….

That’s it for today 🙂

CnC are welcome!

Neo Zeon Gelgoog ver.Ph WIP1

Guess what?

New project! 😀

Damn i should really finish my other projects……

I had painted the Gelgoog before but it was just an AB practice and i was planning to redo it al along.

Concept: Neo Zeon found an old Gelgoog suit in the space wreckage, seeing that the Gelgoog was in a pretty good state, they decided to reapair it and equip it with their new experimental weapon…

So what i’m planning to do is add those sleeves and chest plate like the neo zeon suits in unicorn, add some detailings and give it some extra weapons.

What i’ve done already:

Extend skirt

Scribe some panellines:

I lost the head so i had to scratchbuild a new one…

First try for theknee covers:

That’s it,

CnC are welcome! 😀

Gelgoog Jäger!!!

Painted this kit to practice working with my AB.
I started this build last thursday and rushed it so i could finish it before school starts again (tommorow)
There are some runs and drips but i’m satisfied with the result.
I painted this with cheap acrylics from the hardware store and because of my rushing i didn’t bother to topcoat it and there are already alot of scratches on it T_T
I lost the head, but i’ll be scratchbuilding a new one and i’ll put it on later.
Also, i’m planning to strip the paint and mod it later…
Anyways here are the pics: