Europe Gunpla Cup Update

Just to let all of you know,
Kamm has posted a little updtae video on YouTube regarding the EU-GC.

Hope to see more people entering in the contest so it can be a yearly thing 🙂

Also, sorry i haven’t been blogging for awhile, school is keeping me busy (as always)


Europe Gunpla Cup

Finally we have a big competition for all the Gunpla modelers here in Europe. For years we have been waiting for Bandai to do an official BAKUC -or whatever it’s called now- and with no succes. One of the members of MAC, – now moderator- Kamm has gone trhough the trouble to set up a competition catered solely to the European Gunpla modelers. He managed to convince HLJ to sponsor the contest with some sweet prizes!

For more information:
visit MAC
Anouncement video

Now spread the word!
And to all other European modelers reading this, may the best win 😀