Double 0 ver.Ph WIP 2

If you noticed, yes I changed the name. I didn’t really like the sound of PP….

Some updates:


Completed all the widening, now it looks more muscular πŸ˜€

Also added some plates for a layered armor effect:

Redid the knee:

Detailed the foot a bit:

Laslty, overall look:

I won’t be Β working on this for a while because exmas are coming up and I have to concentrate on studying. I may work a little bit on it, but not so much that it would be worth updating. I will resume working on this after the exams.


Continuing work on SD Powered GM

It’s been a while since my last update…..

Anyways here is what I’ve been doing lately:

Added those extra vent thingies on the chest and made a collar:

Started work on the skirts:



And rear:

The rear one needs the most work ATM

And to get a nice view of how things look like i sticky-tacked everything together:

That’s it for today,

Thx for viewin’ πŸ˜€

SD GM: Chest

Worked on the SD some more, Β the chest now has it’s basic shape.

I’ll still need to do some extra detailing and cleaning, but that’s for later, because I’m going on a small trip to Paris and will be back wednesday evening so no gunpla for 3 days 😦

Anyways, here’s the update:

One for fun:

Thx for viewin’ πŸ˜€