GN Tieren

I’ve been incredibly lazy lately, so that explains the lack of updates, I’m sorry guys 😦

I got myself to do some work on my GN Tieren, seeing that my build-off partner Hemish is practicly done with his build xD

Here goes:

GN drive:




Parts i added that i found in my spare parts box

And finally a short video of me talking about the mods:


SD GM: Chest

Worked on the SD some more, Β the chest now has it’s basic shape.

I’ll still need to do some extra detailing and cleaning, but that’s for later, because I’m going on a small trip to Paris and will be back wednesday evening so no gunpla for 3 days 😦

Anyways, here’s the update:

One for fun:

Thx for viewin’ πŸ˜€