Busy, busy, busy…..

So it seems as i’ve forgotten that i even have a blog………
The main reason for this is the fact that school has really been asking alot of my time lately. After studying for tests nad writing reports there’s hardly any time left for gunpla. I did get some progress on my 00 Gundam but was to lazy to blog about it xD

I’ve also been thinking about more videos to put on my YouTube channel, as it is quite bare at the moment.
Anyways, here’s a little update on the 00 for you guys.

As ‘m too lazy to link every individual image, i’ll just link you to my thread at MAC ๐Ÿ˜€

Also check out my YouTube channel ,i’ve uploaded some short tips to make your gunpla hobby just a tad cheaper ๐Ÿ™‚

So that’s it for today,
see you guys next time!


Double 0 ver.Ph WIP 3

Finnaly got some time to work on this again.

I scribed some panellines… still getting the hang of scribing…

As you may notice in the pics, I’m trying to mod the foot so that it can bend a bit.

Added some other details too:

Progress ont his will probably slow down abit, because i’ve decided to start working on my gelgoog, i’ll post some WIP later.

That’s it

Double 0 ver.Ph WIP 2

If you noticed, yes I changed the name. I didn’t really like the sound of PP….

Some updates:


Completed all the widening, now it looks more muscular ๐Ÿ˜€

Also added some plates for a layered armor effect:

Redid the knee:

Detailed the foot a bit:

Laslty, overall look:

I won’t be ย working on this for a while because exmas are coming up and I have to concentrate on studying. I may work a little bit on it, but not so much that it would be worth updating. I will resume working on this after the exams.

Double 0 ver.Ph WIP 1

As you may or may not noticed, ver.PP stand for version PhantomPain. It is a kind of name that is used to designate that you have customised the model to your own style.

This is the first time that I’ll be simply changing a few design aspects, but trying to keep the overall feel and look.
Not like my Dom where i didn’t keep the overall feel and look or my Destiny where I didn’t really change alot to the design.

Here goes:

I did most of the mods on one side first, so the difference is visible.


Side skirt:



I enlarged the lower red part, in my opinion, the 00 was way too skinny looking. It could be because the desingers were compensating for those ridiculously large addons on the shoulders… But I won’t be using those anyway….

Laslty, somethign I’ve been thinking about:

First I wanted solid blades, but then I realized that i wouldn’t want them to stick out all the time, so I went with beam sabers.

Bad habit?

I seem to have started the habit of starting alot of projects and not finishing any of them, something I notice that alot of other modelers do too. I wonder if everyone does it….

Anyways, my new project will be a diorama featuring a 1/144 Tieren and a 1/144 00 Gundam.
The Tieren will be modified to a GN Tieren and the 00 will just get some new weapons and backpack and some aestethic mods. At the moment I’m thinking about a forest as dio, maybe with a small military base…


The 2 models:

A possible pose: