How to make welding lines

First I want to say that this isn’t the only or best way to do this; I’m simply showing the way I did it.

1.What you’ll need

  • Epoxy putty ( it doesn’t have to be milliput, just make sure it’s the kind that’s a bit like clay since that’s much easier to handle)
  • Hobby knife (or any other flat thin object that you can use to shape the milliput)

2.Mixing and shaping your putty

Take a little bit of each stick and mix them together like the way the instructions tell you to.
When your epoxy is all mixed and ready to use, roll it on a flat and preferably clean surface until it looks like a sausage.

3.Preparing your parts

When you’re applying the weld line on a place where there is normally a panel line, it won’t be a problem, but if you’re trying to get it on a surface that is normally flat, I’d suggest carving a panel line first.

4.Applying the weld line

Take your epoxy sausage, cut off the appropriate length and put it where you want it. If you’re not working on a big scale kit, your sausage will probably be a bit too thick. Use your finger or a satay stick (or a toothpick) to push the epoxy putty in place so that it sticks to the surface.


Then take your knife and gently cut off the excess putty until you feel the size is good. Now take your hobby knife and use the blunt side to push in the indents so that it looks like it’s welded on.

Let the epoxy cure and voila, you have a nice looking weld line.

Example from an other kit:

I hope this tutorial was of use to some people.
If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.


Neo Zeon Gelgoog ver.Ph

It’s done!

I htink this is one of my fastest builds. It took me about 3 weeks to finish this kit and, IMO, it turned out pretty nice. It’s my best kit untill now :D.

Base kit: Gelgoog Jäger


-Added armor plates with welding lines on the shoulders, front skirts and side skirts

-Extended the front skirts and added vents on them

-Added vents on the shoulders

-Added thrusters on the back skirt

-Scribe new panellines on the legs, back skirt and upper arms

-SB a new head because i lost the original one…

-Move those guns on the forearms and used them as thrusters on the legs

-Use electrical wires as tubing on the legs and backpack

-SB the “sleeves” for the Neo Zeon feel

-SB the fully articulated claw

This was airbrushed with Reeves acrylic paint and topcoated with Future+Flat base.

Weathering was done with pastels and drybrushing.

Without further ado, the pics 😀

(just to show that the fingers are fully articulated)

Little update

Have been busy putting basecoat on the Gelgoog and finilazing the mods. I noticed that i forgot to wetsand my parts before i painted them, so i had to remove all the paint again and sand it so that all those ugly scratches wouldn’t show….


Anyways, for the sake of having some updates:

Experiment with lead pencil:

The left is just black basecoat,

i brushed graphite powder i scraped off of my pencil on the right one. I’m pretty satisfied with the result, it has a gunmetal-ish look to it. I think the result will be even better if my basecoat was flat instead of semigloss…

What do you guys think about it?

Neo Zeon Gelgoog ver.Ph WIP 3

Time for an update!

I’ve begun painting some of the parts and i’m finalizing some mods….

Scribed some panellines and added some new thrusters to the backskirt:

Made the sleeve for 1 arm (you’ll understand why later 🙂 ……. )

Finished the knee covers:

(the other is also done, just not in the pic)

The head just needs some touch ups and a monoeye

My plan is to finish the mods by sunday and then i’ll take about a week to paint it all.

That’s all for today, CnC are very welcome 🙂

Neo Zeon Gelgoog ver.Ph WIP 2

So it’s been awhile since i update on my Gelgoog.

First i wanted to wish everyone a happy newyear 😀


The updates:

Added some armor plates with welding lines to simulate the fact that the suit isn’t up to date with the suits in UC0096.

AAlso extended the front skirts and added some vents:

Some tubes and a thruster on the leg, it looked a bit plain….

That’s it for today 🙂

CnC are welcome!