Double 0 ver.Ph WIP 1

As you may or may not noticed, ver.PP stand for version PhantomPain. It is a kind of name that is used to designate that you have customised the model to your own style.

This is the first time that I’ll be simply changing a few design aspects, but trying to keep the overall feel and look.
Not like my Dom where i didn’t keep the overall feel and look or my Destiny where I didn’t really change alot to the design.

Here goes:

I did most of the mods on one side first, so the difference is visible.


Side skirt:



I enlarged the lower red part, in my opinion, the 00 was way too skinny looking. It could be because the desingers were compensating for those ridiculously large addons on the shoulders… But I won’t be using those anyway….

Laslty, somethign I’ve been thinking about:

First I wanted solid blades, but then I realized that i wouldn’t want them to stick out all the time, so I went with beam sabers.


Bad habit?

I seem to have started the habit of starting alot of projects and not finishing any of them, something I notice that alot of other modelers do too. I wonder if everyone does it….

Anyways, my new project will be a diorama featuring a 1/144 Tieren and a 1/144 00 Gundam.
The Tieren will be modified to a GN Tieren and the 00 will just get some new weapons and backpack and some aestethic mods. At the moment I’m thinking about a forest as dio, maybe with a small military base…


The 2 models:

A possible pose:


A few days ago i suddenly got the urge to finish something, so i decided to paint my HG 1/144 Exia that i had prepped some time ago. The color scheme was because those were the colours i had when i thought of it.

Sadly, due to my rushing and bad judgement the kit didn’t turn out exactly the way i ¬†wanted it to. During the painting process, lots of paint would chip of and dust got in the wet paint so it looks all sloppy up close. ¬†But overall, i think it looks OK.

The kit was airbrushed with acrylics and topcoated with future to get the semi-gloss that i wanted (which looks horrible in pictures…)

(somehow the purple came out blue in the pics, so i had to edit them to show purple…)