GM Update

Posted it on some forums yesterday but was too tired to post it here >.<

Anyways, here it is:




Well that’s all i did yesterday,

back to work 😀


Finally an update.

Have been gone for a while, but I’m back now 😀

Worked on my GM:

Scratchbuilt the cockpit section:

Nice koto-part 🙂

Added mounted arm weapon:

The cable

Started detailing on my SB leg:

Detailed upper arm:

Full view:

That’s it for now,

thx for visiting 🙂


Starting a new project 😀

Base model: HGUC RX-79 BD1 Blue Destiny Unit 1

Plan: basicly adding some thrusters and vents and try to scrachtbuild a new backpack + some pla-plating and maybe some reshaping of certain parts….

Goal: a clean modded model

Progress: detailed the shoulder:


Cut of the “goatee” that makes it look too gundam=

Lengthened the thigh: