I was trying to achieve some kind of layered armor effect and this is what i’ve got

Some thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated 🙂


Mono-eye madness

Haven’t worked on this lately,

school is keeping me busy, and when i have some time i play online game with my friends…..

So i could only do some clean-up this week…

And also scratchbuilt mono-eye 😀

cause sticker eye is kinda lame…

maybe paint with some mettalic red instead to make it stand out a bit more

without cover:

mono-eye assembly ( noob: ) :

That’s it 🙂

Weathering+Zeon emblem

School won’t stop me 😀

Decided to re-do the zeon emblem:

better than the first one but still not perfect… but i’m sticking with this one….

Tried weathering the back skirt, maybe overdid it a little?

What do you think?

(dunno why this one looks blu-ish…, should be purple like the first pic)