After 3 months of waiting my package arrived πŸ˜€ !
With a Tamiya Spraywork compressor with airbrush πŸ˜€
Some tools
And a new model kit πŸ˜€

When I wanted to try the compressor, I noticed that here is no power source provided :S
And for some weird reason all the AC adapters here don’t fit in the machine…
So after cutting up some wires I connected an adapter to the battery adapter πŸ™‚ ( actually my uncle did it for me…)

After everything worked I tested it on my Destiny with some primer, works great πŸ˜€



Today’s the last day of Easter Holidays 😦
So that means I have to go back to school tommorow <_<
I had lots of stuff i was supposed to do, but as you can see I’ve been busy with my destiny ^^’

little “update”:

overall view so far
things left to do:

-lengthening back skirt and side skirts
-lengthening biw wing segment
-cleaning up the big mess i made xD

was hoping i could finish this before school starts, but with the extra mods that weren’t planned in the beginning it’s going to take alot more time :sweat:

sorry had no time to update yesterday… did some lengthening:Β 

-the thighs Photobucket -front skirt: Photobucket -back skirt: Photobucket -rifle barrel: Photobucket at the moment i’m working on the wings and also lengthening and puttying the other skirts Β 

lots of work…

some more updates… -filled some hollow space Photobucket i just found the other front skirt after taking the pics, too lazy to take new pic >.<

-sanded the legthened wing thingy’s Photobucket -sharpened the shield (it’s not that visible on the pic…) Photobucket -lengthened the feet Photobucket -i lost one of those black things on the knees so i decided to make 2 new ones Photobucket now back to work maybe new update tonight…

Working on HG Destiny

First Gunpla post πŸ˜€

Primed my Destiny:
Mods made:
-tried to lengthen those wing thingy’s with epoxy

-sharpened the shoulder boomerangsΒ 
-modded the ankle’s for better articulation
-scribed some new panellines
-added pla plates
-drilled some vent holes (some are for inserting metal beads)
-flattened the arm protector

-lifted the knees

That’s it for now πŸ™‚